Edge Funny Money Casinos:
An exciting experience at your event for all your guests to enjoy!

Funny Money Casinos are a great time in a purely fun spirit.
Your guests receive a fixed amount of "funny money" to start your event. Guests then proceed directly to the gaming tables where the action starts.

The "funny money" is used for all gaming during the evening. Guests are encouraged to learn all of the games, have fun and get into the exciting casino feel.

Most casino parties conclude with the awarding of prizes - via. Raffle Tickets - Auction - Top Winners - etc.....
Best of all, everyone has a great time and everyone leaves - a winner!

phone: (403) 274-6000 toll free (North America): 1-866-776-2442
email: • more onLine info: www.DeanoTheMagicMan.com

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