Edge Hypnotists:
As with Magicians, not all Comedy Hypnosis Stage Shows are alike. Booking a seasoned, professional Comedy Hypnotist will make you shine in the eyes of your peers for there is nothing funnier than a tastefully executed Comedy Hypnosis Stage Show. Imagine yourself accepting accolades and applause from your associates, co-workers and even the boss! People popping in and out of your office giving you kudos and proclaiming you a “company hero”—all because you had the good sense to “think outside the box” and book a comedy hypnotist.

Breathe a sigh of relief when you realize you’ve booked a mature, responsible stage hypnotist whose concern for the well-being and dignity of your audience volunteers are always at the forefront of his or her mind. Sit back and enjoy an enthralling, engaging and knee slappingly funny show that connects your people as only laughing together can!
Listen to the laughs! Bust a gut at the hilarious hi-jinks! And after the show, graciously accept the “thumbs ups” and “thank yous” you'll get from your peers after they've enjoyed one of the most audience-interactive and full-tilt funniest entertainments your company, organization or association has ever witnessed! Or better yet, participated in and became instant celebrities!

Darn near nothing will get your group guffawing like a comedy hypnotist who knows how to put on a respectful, golden rule-driven hypnosis show.

Edge Entertainment Comedy Hypnosis Shows are unique, hilarious, enlightening and tasteful. Each participant will react differently to the suggestions offered, so no two shows are ever alike! Because of this unique factor. The performance is 60 - 90 minutes of pure fun! - Participants forget their names, race at the Kentucky Derby, be the big winner at Las Vegas, greet long lost family members in the audience; listen as Martians converse through a translator, be spellbound as you watch then laugh uncontrollably as the mimes play musical instruments they never knew they could play, watch adults act like third graders and much, much more. This is a show that is as much fun for the audience as it is for the participants!


Here are some Client's Comments/Feedback on performances we have provided:

Our group was a tough group to work with but you guys pulled it off, GREAT show, a lot of fun. We will be passing along Edge Entertainment's name to other clients coming into town. You guys were easy to deal with.
Toronto, Ont Canada

Best Christmas party we have ever had (was because of you guys), great show, great use of the music to ad to the tasteful but yet hilarious skits. The pre show Walkaround Magic by Deano was awesome, well worth the money.
Calgary, AB Canada

Edge Entertainment provided the awesome Entertainment for our Christmas party, people were standing on their chairs it was hilarious Entertainment from start to finish. Thank You!
Calgary, AB Canada

Your Comedy Hypnosis shows are a riot, and extremely Professional, I was a skeptic at first, but when my family and friends were on stage "performing" I became a believer, Thank You.
Regina, SK Canada


phone: (403) 274-6000 toll free (North America): 1-866-776-2442
email: • more onLine info: www.DeanoTheMagicMan.com

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